Create sustainability through people. This site explains how.
Create sustainability through people. This site explains how.


Our Projects

Vancouver Urban Tree Tour

The greater Vancouver region has a great wealth of trees and there are many places where you can see and learn about them. Vancouver BEC has created a self-guided tour of 10 sites that are best places to experience this forest wealth.  The attached tour book explains how these trees relate to their environments. You can read about the animals and other species of life are supported by individual species of trees.  You can also learn how Indigenous peoples used the trees as well as their current uses. Pictures and descriptions will help you identify different trees.

The descriptions of major sites to visit include characteristic tree types, trails and amenities, and things to see and do there. Information on location, ways to get to a site, and contact information are included for each site. Your site visits can all be educational and enjoyable.

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Future Projects

This accessible database will use simple project summaries to show people what is going on for sustainability in the Greater Vancouver Region. These real examples would allow viewers to understand sustainability better, get ideas, and even contact project managers for more information. A manual and other support are available. If you would like to volunteer to do online research and communication to develop this useful database, Contact Us and and tell us about Your Interest.